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Drawing Materials

We stock a wide range of drawing materials such as graphite pencils, mechanical pencils, fineliner pens, markers, charcoal, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils and pastel pencils.
Drawing Materials


Rohrer & Klingner inks are using acrylic resin and highly pigmented colorants.
97 in stock
Rohrer & Klingner Drawing/Painting Inks
73 in stock
Chalk-pastel coloured pencils with high pigmentation for great luminosity and opacity. Colour-fast.
387 in stock
Albrecht Durer are high quality, artist grade watercolour pencil.
188 in stock
ArtGraf Chalk block is a rich pigment, soft water soluble block designed for drawing and painting.
60 in stock
SketchInks have exceptional waterproof and lightfast qualities.  They can be used with quills, brushes or in fountain pens.
34 in stock
Pigmented inks which can be thinned with distilled water and are waterproof and eraser-proof when dry
25 in stock
Caran d'Ache Neocolour II
532 in stock
 Inktense can be used dry or by adding water creates deep, intense colour washes
168 in stock
Posca Paint Marker PC-1MR
31 in stock
Kneadable putty rubber
39 in stock
Contains Uni Super Ink which provides super resistance, resilience and lasting colour. The ink is water resistance allowing for use with watercolours and line & wash.
44 in stock
Posca Paint Marker PC-3M
61 in stock
Kuretake Zig Clean Color Brush Pen
309 in stock
Viarco ArtGraf Stick is a water-soluble, soft graphite in a stick.
10 in stock
Conte Sketching pencils
9 in stock
Posca Paint Marker PC-1M
48 in stock
2 in stock
Staedtler Mars Lumograph is a premium pencil for writing, drawing and sketching on paper with break-resistant leads
75 in stock
Water-soluble pens which, after wetting and allowing to dry, become permanent allowing for the layering of colour.
70 in stock
Indian Ink in a disposable pen with unsurpassed light-fastness
30 in stock
Uni Fineliner pens - Black
89 in stock
Nitram has a unique binder that gives rich black tones with minimal dust
8 in stock
Nitram Charcoal
From £10.50
Replacement blades for M+R Brass Sharpener
3 in stock
Caran d'Ache Triangular Eraser is non-abrasive and erases pencil and graphite lead marks easily.
11 in stock
Ideal for erasing graphite and coloured pencil work
4 in stock
Sigma Pigma Micron Pens
109 in stock
Uni Fineliner Pen set of 5 - Black
4 in stock
Posca Paint Marker Brush PCF-350
15 in stock
M+R Brass Sharpener
14 in stock
Mono Zero eraser Round
2 in stock
Replacement leads to fit 5.6mm Clutch Mechanical pencil.
8 in stock
Staedtler Mars Lumograph is a premium pencil for writing, drawing and sketching on paper with break-resistant leads
2 in stock
Walnut ink is intensely pigmented, water soluble and creates beautiful warm browns.  Using watercolour techniques you can layer the ink to darken tones or add water to create light washes.
5 in stock
Koh i Noor Metal Sharpener for Long Tips
10 in stock
Perfect for watercolour sketching as the pencil lines can be blended
33 in stock
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