We stock a variety of liquid and spray adhesives by brands such as 3M, Seawhite, Ghiant and Scola.
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A general, all purpose PVA glue.
A permanent, strong fixative.  Repositionable for a short time before becoming permanent.
Repositionable, clear and non-staining adhesive. Ideal for artwork, posters, stencils, etc. Gives a temporary bond.
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Permanent adhesive for covering large surfaces. Ideal for mounting photographs, posters, foamboard, textiles, cardboard
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A quality PVA glue that is completely clear when dry
A light-bonding, re-positionable adhesive that gives a temporary hold, allowing for repeated re-positioning.
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spray adhesive for permanent print, photo and picture mounting/ bonding
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SprayMount spray adhesive allows for repositioning for up to 12 hours when sprayed on one surface, and for up to 2 hours when applied to both surfaces.
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High strength spray adhesive, which provides an instant and permanent hold
Bonds lightweight materials instantly, yet allows work to be lifted and repositioned. It requires only one surface application.
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