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Charcoal & Chalks

We stock different types of charcoal and chalks by brands such as Coates, Nitram and Viarco.
Charcoal & Chalks


Nitram Sharpening Block is the optimal tool for shaping and sharpening Nitram Charcoal and other drawing media
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Nitram has a unique binder that gives rich black tones with minimal dust
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Nitram Charcoal
From £10.50
Coates produce superior charcoal, black in colour and smooth in texture
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Coates Charcoal
From £4.10
ArtGraf Chalk block is a rich pigment, soft water soluble block designed for drawing and painting.
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Vine Charcoal can be erased easily and is soft and powdery making it perfect for quick expressive marks but more difficult to use for detailed work
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Viarco XL Watersoluble Graphite Stick
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