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Mechanical Pencils & Leads

We stock a range of mechanical Pencils & leads by brands such as Rotring, Koh-i-Noor, Faber Castell and Cretacolour.
Mechanical Pencils & Leads


Smooth leads for refilling the Faber Castell 2mm clutch pencil.  Break-resistant and can be easily erased.
10 in stock
Pentel Refill Leads for 0.7 mechanical pencil.
11 in stock
Light-weight mechanical pencil with a hexagonal plastic body.
1 in stock
Faber Castell 2mm Clutch Pencil
3 in stock
Mechanical Clutch pencil is a plastic clutch pencil with metal jaws
8 in stock
Mini Lead pointer
20 in stock
Assorted box of six 5.6mm leads
4 in stock
Replacement leads to fit 5.6mm Clutch Mechanical pencil.
12 in stock