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Brush Sets for Oil & Acrylic paints

Brush sets are a cost effective way of buying a variety of brushes in for use with oil and acrylic paints.
Brush Sets for Oil & Acrylic paints


Soft bristle artist brushes are strong and highly flexible. Suitable for both Oil and Acrylic
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Designed for acrylic painters these brushes have tremendous 'spring' and great painting adaptability.
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Nylon brushes have good colour holding properties and point or shape with precision
10 in stock
Series A Hog Brushes have been developed for professional use with Oil Colour and can also be used with alkyds and acrylic colours.
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Pro Arte Bristlene Brush set of 5 - W16
Save 19%
Pro Arte Miniature Brushes set of 4 - 12
5 in stock
Quality brush with Prolon bristles suitable for watercolour, acrylic and poster paint.
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Pro Arte Studio Hog Brushes - set of 5 - W11
4 in stock
Pro Arte Series B Hog Brush set - W7b
2 in stock