Primers & Gesso

We stock a range of primers and gessos for surface priming.
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Fast drying, flexible and non-yellowing ground for oil, acrylic & tempera
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Atelier Gesso Primer
Fast drying Acrylic Gesso Primer for use with acrylic and oil paints, specially formulated to provide a good value option
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This is a flexible, water-based acrylic primer with a high grit content, designed to provide a stable surface on which to paint in either acrylics or oils.
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Daler Rowney Black Gesso Primer 500ml
Michael Harding’s Non-Absorbent Acrylic primer prevents oil paints to appear to dull due to the primer drawing out the oil giving a flat, muted looking paint surface.
A water-based aerosol Gesso suitable for creating grainy surfaces for oil, alkyd and acrylic paint giving good paint adhesion.
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Canvas Sealer is perfect for when a transparent primer is required.
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A permanently flexible and non yellowing ground suitable for oil, acrylic or tempera colours.
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