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Lino printmaking is a method of relief printing, which involves carving a drawing into a soft linoleum block, rolling a thin layer of ink over it, and pressing paper on top to transfer the image.  You can then print again from the lino block so multiple copies can be made quickly and easily.



Traditional lino block
79 in stock
Smooth surface and soft texture of the Soft Cut lino sheets makes cutting easy
68 in stock
Soft Cut Lino
From £0.90
Water based printing inks give a smooth flow resulting in excellent coverage and printing
51 in stock
Quality water based block printing inks to give smooth flow resulting in excellent coverage and printing properties
70 in stock
Fabriano Unica paper is made of 50% cotton, is acid free and suitable for all printmaking techniques.
10 in stock
Bench Hook assists lino cutting by holding the lino firmly in the upper corner for safe cutting.
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Essdee lino printing kit
Save 11%
Essdee handle and 10 cutters
Save 8%
1 in stock
Versatile kit of 5 lino cutters, handle and Baren
4 in stock
Essdee Brayer / Roller 75mm
Save 10%
Essdee PrintFoam
Save 18%
Essdee Print Foam
£3.60 £4.40
Kids Block Printing set
Save 8%
This device is an essential safety measure when cutting Lino.
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Acrylic Block Printing Medium to tranform acrylic paints to acrylic printing inks.
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Essdee Lino Printing Essentials Kit
6 in stock
Essdee Lino Cutter & Safety Hand Guard set
Save 12%
Essdee Brayer / Roller 250mm
2 in stock
Essdee Brayer / Roller 200mm
3 in stock
Essdee Brayer / Roller 150mm
Save 9%
Essdee Brayer / Roller 100mm
Save 10%
Essdee Brayer / Roller 50mm
2 in stock
11 in stock
39 in stock
Essdee Lino Cutting Handle
13 in stock
Essdee handle and 5 cutters
Save 17%
Essdee block printing ink set of 5
3 in stock