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Acrylic paint

We stock Acrylic paints by brands such as Golden, Atelier Interactive, Sennelier, Lascaux and Liquid Metal.
Acrylic paint


Artist quality acrylic that works like traditional acrylics but allows you to reactivate the paint, even when dry.
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A slow-drying acrylic paint with a slightly softer consistency than heavy body acrylic paints and has increased working time
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Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics
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Golden Fluid Acrylics Cadmium Yellow Medium hue
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artist quality acrylics that are particularly brilliant, pure, strong and have great depth thanks to a high concentration of pure pigments
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Acrylic paints have a deep, rich metallic finish that does not tarnish
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Montana Gold Spray Paint - 400ml
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Atelier Interactive 12 tube set.
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Atelier Interactive Acrylics set of 12 x 20ml tubes and mediums.
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Apply Isolation coat between acrylic colour and removable varnish.
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