Robersons Mediums for Oils

We stock a range of mediums by Robersons for use with oil paints.
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A highly efficient and safer solvent for oil paint.  Use for brush cleaning and the thinning of paint as an alternative traditional turpentine and white spirit.
Matt Medium for oil painting that creates a dead-flat finish when mixed with oil colour.
High quality cold pressed linseed oil that increases gloss and transparency and reduces brushmarks.
Pure Gum Turpentive is slightly less refined than rectified spirit of turpentine.
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Painting Self Portraits
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Stand Oil is a paler, more viscous oil than refined linseed oil.
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Rabbit Skin Glue granules are used to size a canvas prior to priming with an oil based primer only.  Dries completely clear.
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A ready made animal based glue for priming canvases.  Dries clear.
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A bleached oil with little tendency to yellow that gives a soft buttery texture to oil paints.
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Safflower Oil is a pale coloured alkali refined oil with little tendancy to yellow.
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Siccative accelerates the drying time of oil paint.