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Essdee Lino Cutting & Printing kit

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This comprehensive kit includes a wide selection of tools and materials for Lino cutting and printing. The 6 different lino cutters allow varied carving styles, whilst the safety cutter and hand guard ensure safe working.  The 3-in-1 Baren is a tool for transferring ink from your lino block to paper, but can also be used as a desk tidy for the cutters.

Kit includes: 5 x Lino Cutters styles 1 to 5 1 x Safety Lino Cutter, style A 1 x Lino Cutter Handle 1 X Aluminium Ferrule 2 x Linoleum blocks 178x127mm 2 x Softcut Blocks 150x100mm 1 x Practice Piece 1 x Ink Roller 100m wide 1 x Ink Tray 240x200mm 1 x Safety Hand Guard 1 x Baren Cap and Base 1 x 100ml tube of Premium Quality water-based block printing ink 2 x 45mm Printing Stamps 1 x Instructions.