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Thins oil colours and useful for modifying painting mediums and for cleaning brushes, palettes and palette knives
A highly efficient and safer solvent for oil paint.  Use for brush cleaning and the thinning of paint as an alternative traditional turpentine and white spirit.
A soft paste made from naturally white unbleached beeswax, alkyd resin and odourless mineral spirit and used to make oil colours thicker and matte..
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Makes the application of masking fluid easier and more accurate
Masquepen - 30ml
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Matt Medium for oil painting that creates a dead-flat finish when mixed with oil colour.
Zest-It Clear Painting Medium  is a mix of linseed stand oil and Zest-It Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner and is used to thin oil paint, to improve the flow of the paint
An alkyd resin painting medium that increases the fluidity of oil colours and speeds their drying time
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For use with Atelier Interactive Acrylics, this unlocking formula allows artists to re-open a paint layer - even after it is touch dry.
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Zest-It Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner is an alternative to turpentine and white spirit
High quality cold pressed linseed oil that increases gloss and transparency and reduces brushmarks.
A medium that is known for giving a mottled or granular appearance to colours that usually give a smooth wash.
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A traditional glaze medium that adds depth and gloss to transparent colours
A ‘Workable fixative’, which will add a toothy texture to your artwork.
Soft painting paste to create a satin sheen and gentle impasto to paint layers
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Retarder slows the drying time of acrylics
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A colourless, shellac based finish for use on charcoal, pencil, pastel and chalk drawings.
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Preserves white areas that would be too small or complex to paint around
Sansodor is a low odour solvent which evaporates slowly, increases blending time and is suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes
General purpose semi gloss medium that halves the drying time of conventional oil colour, improves flow of oil paint and resists yellowing
Medium is used with oil paints and has a fluid consistency that is ideal for fine detail, glazing and blending
Imparts texture when added to acrylic mediums and primers.
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To protect soft pastel drawings and seal them to the surface
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Use to remove old, dried on masking fluid from brushes, clothes and equipment.
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Zest-It Glazing Medium Light is a mix of Zest-It Brush Cleaner, Dammar Varnish and Linseed Stand Oil used to thin transparent oil paint for glazing
Pure Gum Turpentive is slightly less refined than rectified spirit of turpentine.
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Acrylic preparation that you apply to canvas or other surfaces such as paper or board to create a toothy surface for the application of soft pastels.
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Golden Wetting Agent (Flow Release) - 237ml
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Medium is perfect for diluting and extending acrylic colours.
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Creates thicker textures and is excellent for holding peaks and dries translucent
Medium can be blended with colours to increase body. Excellent for holding peaks and dries translucent.
Gel is moderately pourable, holds only slight peaks and is ideal for glazing and other techniques that require transparency
Create translucent glazes with Atelier Acrylic Glazing Liquid.
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Atelier Modelling Compound (aka Moulding Paste) is a thick paste made from calcite grit, used for exaggerated structure and textural effects.
Versatile fine art fixative seals virtually everything including pastels, pencil, charcoal, crayon, ink, egg tempera, gouache or watercolour
Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground - 118ml
Use Atelier Pouring Medium to create abstract patterns or landscapes.
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