Pro Arte Series A Hog (W7a) - set of 5 brushes


Pro Arte Series A Hog Brushes have been developed for professional use with Oil Colour and can also be used with alkyds and acrylic colours. The brushes are made from the finest quality Chinese Jyukeis hog hair and are hand-set into seamless nickelled brass ferrules. The firm Jyukeis hog bristle produces a very resilient brush which retains its ‘turned in' shape even after many hours of continuous use and cleaning giving the artist more control and accuracy.

The brushes in this wallet set are : No.1 Short Flat (bright) 5mm wide, No.1 Round, No.3 Short Flat (bright) 7mm wide, No.5 Short Flat (bright) 10mm wide, No.7 Short Flat (bright) 14mm wide.