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Wooden Panels by Jackson's - 20mm thickness

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These Wooden Panels are made of smooth, sanded light plywood, reinforced on the reverse to prevent warping yet are sturdy and lightweight.

These panels are made from wood are supplied unsealed. This means that liquids are absorbed into the surface and if they get too ‘wet’, there could be a swelling of the veneer. If the panel is to be used for painting then you should seal the surface with a quality glue size or an acrylic based primer. When you're applying acrylic gesso primer, avoid thinning it with water.

After sizing it is recommend to prime the surface with acrylic gesso and then sanding it to produce a smooth yet slightly absorbent surface.

Please note: this is a natural product and so small cracks can develop on the surface. These can be removed by sanding the surface before applying the sealer or primer.