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Derwent Inktense blocks - set of 24

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Derwent Inktense can be used dry or by adding water you can create deep, intense colour washes. Due to its permanence once dried, Inktense doesn't wash away like watercolour so it can be worked over without affecting previous layers.

Can be painted on to fabric and is washable up to 30 degrees without the need of fixing.

Contents of Tin:  0100 Sherbert Lemon, 0200 Sun Yellow, 0300 Tangerine, 0400 Poppy Red, 0500 Chilli Red, 0600 Shiraz, 0700 Fuschia, 0800 Violet, 0900 Iris Blue, 1000 Bright Blue, 1100 Deep Indigo, 1200 Sea Blue, 1300 Teal Green, 1320 Ionian Green, 1400 Apple Green, 1500 Field Green, 1600 Leaf Green, 1700 Mustard, 1800 Baked Earth, 1900 Willow, 2000 Bark, 2100 Charcoal Grey, 2200 Ink Black, 2300 Antique White