Atelier Pouring Medium - 1 litre bottle


The Atelier Pouring Medium involves pre mixing fluid acrylics and acrylic ink with a pouring medium and then pouring it over a panel or canvas to create gorgeous abstract patterns or landscapes. This pouring medium can be mixed with any fluid acrylic, artist acrylic paint or with acrylic inks. The medium allows you to pour your mixes easily and forms a smooth, self-levelling surface without trapped air or bubbles. It increases colour transparency and this means you are able to produce more interesting paint layers. It dries to a gloss finish and is waterproof, flexible and durable when dry.

The medium dries clear meaning any work will be slightly darker upon drying.

If you want to further reduce the risk of air bubbles when pre mixing your medium and acrylic colour stir slowly. For the best results it is worth priming your surface with gesso or a binder medium. You can use Atelier Unlocking formula to break any bubbles on the surface of the painting and to change the surface tension.