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Arches Watercolour paper - 640g (300lb) - 56cm x 76cm

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ARCHES® is the only paper mill in the world to gelatin size its watercolour paper “to the core”. This preserves the lustre and transparency of the colours whilst preventing paints from penetrating the paper. It allows paints to be removed, either wet or dry, easily revealing the whiteness of the paper.

It is mould-made, has a neutral Ph and 4 deckle edges.

Hot Pressed (also referred to as smooth/satine/silk/HP)

This is the smoothest paper suitable for high detail work.

Cold Pressed (also referred to as NOT/Fin/CP)

This surface is slightly textured surface and popular because it is suitable for most types of work.

Rough (also referred to as Torchon)

Exactly what its name suggests, suitable for landscapes, seascapes etc.; where a heavily textured paper enhances the final piece of work.