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Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Inks

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The three tints, Black, Sepia and Bister have a long history. They are pigmented inks which can be thinned with distilled water and are waterproof and eraser-proof when dry. Thus they are suitable for area coverage, washing techniques and for applying lines. Light and dark effects can be easily achieved.

The inks flow extremely well from different kinds of drawing utensils. They are not only useful for fine calligraphy work and pen drawings but also for liftground etching and picture drawings.

All Drawing inks contain shellac.

Our Sepia Drawing ink, which matches the organic sepia tint of squid secretion, and Bister Drawing ink are transparent inks. They are to a large extent light resistant.

In order to achieve deep black strokes which cover well, we especially recommend the Black Drawing ink. A special gas soot is used here.

Inks should be shaken before using. The Sepia and Bister inks only need to be shaken lightly. 

The drawing medium (the paper) needs no special preparation before applying the inks.