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Zest It Cold Wax Painting Medium

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The Zest-it Cold Wax Painting Medium is a smooth, thick, firm paste and the reference to 'cold' is because it does not need or require heat. Mix with Oil paint to give texture and add more substance to the oil paint, makes impasto easier to achieve and speeds the drying time.

Can be applied to canvas, paper, mdf, gesso panels, birch ply or material of your choice. It dries to a very cohesive and stable finish that can be 'varnished' with a coat of wax, just buffed with a soft cloth or left 'as is'.

It is Non-flammable and not classed as a hazardous product, therefore does not need an (M)SDS. It does not contain any Aromatics or CFC's, it is classed as biodegradable and is therefore kinder to the environment.