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Marabu GlasArt Glass Paint - 15ml

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Marabu GlasArt high quality organic solvent based glass paints come in vivid, bright colours with brilliant transparency. They have a delicate flow for even application very good light fastness, are easy to mix, smudge-proof and weather resistant.

For glass, porcelain and acrylic plastic.

How to use:

The glass surface should be cleaned with hot water and detergent or Marabu-Cleaner so that it is dust and grease-free. Stir all paints thoroughly before use, as the colour pigments will form a sediment at the bottom of the jar – do not shake. Paint the surface as desired, wash brushes with a solvent based paint remover immediately after use. The paint is touch-dry after 30 minutes, complete drying takes up to 48 hours. After a drying time of 30 minutes complete drying can be reduced by curing in an oven for 5 min. at 150 °C. The high resistance of the paint is the same for either drying methods. The paint is wipe-proof when completely dry.