Art Workshops 2017

Silver Clay - 1 day workshop

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Tutor: Trevor Osborne

Silver Clay is made from a fine powder of pure silver mixed with water and an organic binder to make a thick paste which has the consistency and properties of traditionnal clay. It can be rolled, stamped, textured, folded and molded to create an endless number of shapes and designs. Once dry, the clay is fired, the binder burns off, leaving a perfect design in 99.9% pure, fine, silver.

This one-day workshop is suitable for complete beginners. This will be a fun day with plenty of time to experiment and be creative. We will begin by looking at how to plan a design, then the basic techniques of rolling and shaping the clay. We will also cover finishing and polishing. By the end of the day you will have designed and created a ring, which will be ready to wear home!

Date: Tuesday 8th August – 10.30 to 4pm

Cost: £80 (includes all materials and equipment)